Tired of living the broke college student life?


There’s only so much ramen and hot pockets a college student can consume before deciding enough is enough. When that day comes and you decide you are tired of living the broke college student life, you will probably start searching for ways to make money. Everyone has opinions about on-campus jobs, and while some may not favor it because of the minimum wage pay and restriction to 20 hour work weeks, I believe they are the best way to go.


Here are my five favorite benefits of having an on-campus job.

  1. Flexible hours

While in college, your academics should always be your number one priority. On-campus employers understand this and are flexible with your class schedule. Many on-campus employers also understand how hectic schedules can be around midterms and finals and will work with you if you need more time to study.

  1. Ease in making friends

With most on-campus jobs, your co-workers are students as well. You already have at least one thing in common – you both love your Texas Tech Red Raiders. Working with people who are students will make work more enjoyable because you will always have something to talk about.

  1. Gain valuable experience

There’s no better time than now to start building and improving your resume. The job you get may not be one you intend making a career out of, but it will surely help you to gain some valuable experience that will look good on a resume and show employers how responsible and hardworking you are.

  1. Get involved on campus

Working on campus will help you feel connected to your campus community. There are tons of free events always happening on campus. Maybe you never attended one because you didn’t have anyone to go with, didn’t have the time or simply didn’t know about the event. By having a job on campus, you will definitely start to hear more about the things going on, and you’ve always got your co-workers to go with you.

  1. Money money money money, MONEY!

Having an on-campus job may not make you the richest student, but it will certainly give you a monthly budget and get you away from that nasty old ramen diet. The pay will vary from job to job, but $8 an hour for 15-20 hours a week plus all the other benefits makes perfect sense to me.


Image by Texas Tech University Red Raider Student Employment Center {http://www.depts.ttu.edu/rrsec/}

            So what do you say? Are you tired of living the broke college student life? If so, begin your search now. Texas Tech has many helpful resources in finding part-time student employment. Check out the Red Raider Student Employment Center.

You can also search for jobs by the location of where you would like to work. Some places that I would suggest are the Recreation Center, Student Union and Activities, United Supermarkets Arena, and Hospitality Services. Click on the links to check out the opportunities available now. If you need help with creating a resume or preparing for an interview, be sure to visit the Career Center located inside of the Wiggins Complex.

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