First Year Feature-Todd Chambers


Todd Chambers || College of Media & Communication


Meet Todd Chambers, the next person in our #FirstYearFeature series. Todd is an Associate Professor & the Associate Dean for Undergraduate Affairs in the College of Media & Communication.

“Our goal in the College of Media and Communications is that we want our students to jump off the high dive and go deep when they get here. We want a student to get connected with as many different types of student activities and organizations so that they can get some real world experience from the moment they walk on campus. We provide those opportunities so that students can get a taste of as many different things as possible and hopefully find the thing they are really passionate about and then go deep in that organization. That is what we are about here in the College of Media and Communication” –Todd Chambers


Q: What services does your office have for First Year Students at Texas Tech University?

Our division of Undergraduate Affairs in the College of Media & Communication provides first-year students with professional and experienced advisors as well as career, internship and professional development services through our Center of Advising and Center of Student Success, Outreach and Engagement. First-year students have the opportunity to participate in the CoMC Career Fair, receive advising services, and seek out information about how to get plugged in to one of our student media organizations.

Q: What do you enjoy most about your job?

Watching a student progress through their collegiate career and then getting the “Presidential Handshake” at graduation.

Q: What is your favorite thing about Texas Tech and why?

My favorite thing about Texas Tech is football Fridays.  There’s just something very special about coming into a campus after the Saddle Tramps have done their work!

Q: What is your favorite spot on campus?

The Will Rogers statue – it’s just a great place to see the heart of campus

Q: What advice would you give first year students?

Get involved the moment you walk onto campus.  There are literally hundreds of opportunities – from student organizations within your major to campus-wide social and service organizations.  The quicker you can get involved and start networking, the easier it will be to make connections with friends for a lifetime

Q: Looking back to your first year, what would you change? What would you do the same?

Biggest regret from that first year was not getting out and meeting folks that lived in Murdough – roommate and I had known each other since we were young and just didn’t get out and meet others until the spring semester. Wished we would have done that much, much earlier.  The one thing I would keep the same – working as a work-study student in the College of Business. It literally introduced me to faculty and staff members that I’ve now known for decades.  My supervisor was Cindy Ontiveros (Brannan) and she became one of my ‘moms’ – she was an excellent mentor and friend.  In fact, she attended our wedding shower and baby showers!  I wouldn’t change meeting her for the world.

Q: What is your favorite place to eat in Lubbock?

Have to go local – I’d say Orlando’s (original location on Avenue Q).  Green Chili Chicken Pizza is OUTSTANDING!  For breakfast – Pancake House on Avenue Q.

Q: What are some hobbies you have?

My favorite hobby is playing drums.  I play in a band with some friends, including another professor here at TTU.  It’s a blast!

Q: What is your favorite Tech Tradition?

Masked Rider leading the football team onto the field….gets my blood pumping every time!

More about the College of Media & Communications:

The College of Media & Communication at Texas Tech offers state-of-the-art instruction and facilities for programs at the bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral-degree levels.

This unique combination of professional, practical and academic coursework and experience integrates today’s media convergence and the future’s media developments in five critical areas of Media & Communication:

Although Media & Communication as a discipline at Texas Tech is barely three decades old, our graduates have launched their own media companies, served as leaders in their industry, advised political leaders (including a U.S. President), as well as earning Pulitzer Prizes, directing Hollywood blockbusters, and creating award-winning media content. Because of our outstanding and award-winning faculty, students and alumni, our six academic degree programs are well respected in media, communication and hundreds of other professional industries. Faculty and staff are committed to standards of excellence and inspire the same among students.

Connect with the College of Media & Communication:

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