Outstanding Raiders Who Rock!


The Raiders Who Rock program recognizes students, faculty, staff, or student organizations that exemplify the TTU Ethical Principles through their actions and services within the Lubbock and Tech communities.

Oftentimes these students, faculty/staff and organizations are involved in activities within the Lubbock and Tech Communities, and do the work that they do because it is fulfilling to them, not for recognition. With this understanding, we would like to recognize these Texas Tech community members through this program and in a way that allows someone else to initiate the Raiders Who Rock stories.

Nominators submitted a nomination telling us the TTU Ethical Principle these students, faculty, staff and organizations demonstrate through their activities and services.

All Raiders Who Rock nominees and their nominators were honored at the Raiders Who Rock Banquet, and the top nominee from each category received a special award.


Congratulations to all of our 2016 Raiders Who Rock! 

Click here for a list of all nominees and nominators

Featured below are the top nominees from each category

Mutual Respect

zOutstanding - Carey

Christine Self accepting award on behalf of Alyssa Carry. Alyssa nominated by Parent & Family Relations Staff.

Alyssa Carry is currently a student assistant in the Office of Parent and Family Relations and is pursuing both an undergraduate degree and master’s degree in Accounting. One of the things highlighted about Alyssa is that “She is eager to learn and is selfless in all aspects of her life as a Red Raider.”  This is evident through her willingness to approach each situation and each family she encounters with the same level of respect. She can be seen regularly with a smile on her face while interacting with parents and families who need support in their transition as a family in the Texas Tech system. She always goes out of her way to help parents and family members feel at ease during events like Red Raider Orientation and Sibling Weekend while also helping them become more excited about becoming Red Raiders.



Cooperation & Communication


India Student Association accepting award with nominator, Lisa James.

The India Student Association is a student organization here at Texas Tech. They frequently partner with the Ethics Center to host and coordinate events. The India Student Association strives to welcome and support new students in assimilating to life at Texas Tech and in Lubbock while offering continued support to current students. This support comes in the form of housing new students from India while helping them find accommodations and resources to be successful. Annually, they fund five to seven competitive scholarships for needy Texas Tech Indian students. Their focus, however, spreads beyond campus and into the community. They partner with several other organizations such as the South Asian Student Association and the Baptist Student Ministry to increase community engagement and promote cultural education. Their efforts continue to enrich both Texas Tech and the surrounding community by bringing people together.


Creativity & Innovation


Noella Vela accepting award with nominator, Geoffrey Graybeal.

Noella is currently a student in the College of Media and Communication and has participated in an array of activities in the past twelve months. Amongst some of her accomplishments are becoming president of the student-run Media Entrepreneurship and Innovation Group, taking part in the university Appathon, participating in the Texas Tech Pop Up Coding Academy, traveling to two national hackathons, and representing Texas Tech in the Scripps International Innovators Cup challenge to name a few. She is also currently working on developing an app that will engage high school age Hispanics in the 2016 presidential election. Beyond this, Noella constantly seeks out opportunities to learn additional skill sets that will enhance her active learning. One of the things said of her was “Noella has seized every opportunity to not only learn innovation and creativity, but lead by doing….Noella is a leader, learner, and doer who is a fine representative of Texas Tech.” She sets a standard for her peers being involved in her education and by using forward thinking to enhance learning opportunities.


Community Service & Leadership


Campbell Roper accepting award with nominator, Bill Dean.

Campbell is currently a double major in Communication Studies and Classics. His academic success has led to several achievements including being elected to membership in Mortar Board, gaining membership in Phi Beta Phi Honors Organization, and being elected to Golden Key. At this time, Campbell is also working as a teaching assistant for Interpersonal Communications and is involved in undergraduate communications research. Beyond his academic success, Campbell also participates in organizations that give back to and support the community. In his fraternity, he has participated in events such as the Iron Man triathlon in order to raise funds for research on ALS Disease. In addition to this, he frequently volunteers at the Lubbock Food Bank Farm. Campbell also has participated in internships as the Assistant Youth Director for junior high and high school students at First United Methodist Church in Midland and Kingwood United Methodist Church. As a part of his service, Campbell also has turned some of his focus to supporting and organizing events for students on campus. This past year, he has served as the president of Greek Wide Bible Study. His service both on and off campus demonstrates his passion to be involved with the community.


Pursuit of Excellence


Shannon Bullard accepting award. Nominated by Katarina Bleier.

Shannon is currently a professor in the College of Education and the Tech Teach program. Her students highlighted that she “Strives for honor in everything she does! And goes above and beyond for anyone and everyone!” As a professor, she constantly reaches out to students in order to ensure that they feel supported and have access to the resources they require. She pushes her students to set high standards for themselves. She makes herself available to her students outside of the classroom and provides additional information and resources to her students when they need extra guidance in their work. In addition to this, she takes extra time to provide each student with detailed and meaningful feedback so that they can continue to improve with each assignment. Her dedication to provide a learning experience in which students can constantly thrive inspires those students to do well.


Public Accountability


Dr. Rebecca Ortiz accepting award. Nominated by Zachary Rocha.

Dr. Ortiz currently serves as assistant professor of advertising in the College of Media and Communication. In addition to this, she is the faculty advisor for Define Your Line. In both of these roles, Dr. Ortiz works tirelessly to encourage students to challenge social norms and develop their own opinions. She challenges her students to think critically about their actions and how they can impact their fellow students. Her efforts to create a safe campus environment help to spur on the efforts of the students involved in Define Your Line and increase communication to change the culture. Her desire to educate students in communication and the enhancement of social justice also inspires them to seek new and unique ways to share their message. At this point, her efforts, along with the effort of the students involved in Define Your Line, have begun to expand beyond Texas Tech and have created a community of students at other institutions that all seek guidance from our program here. These efforts and actions continue to inspire many to act ethically and uprightly.




Evelyn Reategui accepting award with nominator, Julie Isom.

Evelyn is a fourth year Ph.D. student in Environmental Toxicology. She is actively involved in several organizations on campus including The Institute of Environmental and Human Health, Llano Estacado Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry, the Society for the Advancing of Chicanos/Hispanic and Native Americans in Science, and the Hispanic Association of Women in Lubbock. Many of the organizations she works with dedicate their efforts to supporting Hispanics, single mothers, and women. Evelyn is passionate about setting an example for young girls to pursue a career in science and has participated in events such as “Science: It’s a Girl Thing” and “Shake Hands with Your Future”. Her dedication to enhancing female learning is part of her efforts to increase the diversity of thought in the sciences with new innovations.


Academic Integrity


Estefania Camarada accepting award with nominator, Bertha Munuku.

Estefania is currently majoring in Accounting. She frequently visits the Learning Center in order to receive guidance in subjects she is not familiar with. Originally from Angola, her native language is Portuguese. She began seeking help with her writing techniques at the Learning Center in order to improve her work. Estefania takes pride in her work and makes conscious efforts to ensure that she is completing the assignments herself and does not ask for anyone else to do the work for her. She constantly asks for explanations on how to avoid plagiarism and how to proper cite her resources. She takes each new piece of information and applies to her future work in order to ensure that she is always improving. She takes advantage of the resources available on campus in order to enhance her learning experience. One of the things said of Estefania was “Her constant vigilance and self-awareness in ensuring that she strives for honor even in the smallest assignments makes her stand out….” Her efforts to better herself also help challenge her peers to strive for honor in their academic pursuits.

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