First Year Feature- Billy Tiongco


Billy Tiongco || Student Financial Aid


Meet Billy Tiongco, the next person in our #FirstYearFeature series. Billy is the Assistant Director of Student Financial Aid.

“In Financial Aid we help students with obtaining funds to pay for school and make that process more affordable. We offer student loans, help with scholarships and can work with you on the FAFSA. Students if you have anything that you need, whether it is applying for it or expenses that come up during the course of the year, we can help you out.” –Billy Tiongco

Q:What services does your office have for First Year Students at Texas Tech University?

Our office works to help make college more affordable for Texas Tech students through a variety of financial aid options.  We can help with completing the FAFSA, applying for scholarships and helping students locate jobs on campus.

Q: What do you enjoy most about your job? 

I enjoy working and interacting with current/prospective students and parents.  The financial aid process can sometimes be complex and an integral part of what I do is to help students and parents navigate that process.

Q: What is your favorite thing about Texas Tech and why?

Because Texas Tech has a wide range of majors, student organizations, athletic events and other opportunities, there is truly something for everyone here. I think that this is awesome because Texas Tech can mean so many different things for different people.

Q: What is your favorite spot on campus?

Dan Law Field at Rip Griffin Park

Q: What advice would you give first year students?

Be willing to take advantage of everything that Texas Tech has to offer. Engage and get to know your professors. Meet as many people as possible. Try out and join several student organizations. Become an intramural sports legend!

Q: Looking back to your first year, what would you change? What would you do the same? 

I would have done research on my chosen majors since I ended up changing later! I also wish that I had applied for more scholarships. I would still have been involved in the residence halls through Complex Council and RHA. Doing that helped me build a support network that went beyond my first year at Texas Tech.

Q: What is your favorite place to eat in Lubbock? 


Q: What are some hobbies you have?

Spending time with my beautiful wife and daughters, reading, watching movies, attending TTU football and baseball games, finding new athletic endeavors for the staff of West Hall and the SUB

Q: What is your favorite Tech Tradition? 

The Matador Song, especially the beginning!

More about Student Financial Aid:

West Hall Financial Aid

Your education at Texas Tech will shape the rest of your life. It’s an exciting time and one that requires a significant financial commitment. Student Financial Aid & Scholarships is here to help with a variety of financial assistance options. Our Financial Aid Checklist will assist you with the steps you need to take.

Our goal is to make your academic journey affordable by helping you secure the financial aid you need so you can focus on making the most of your future at Texas Tech.

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